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The Jack Factor

So... you think you can blog? We'll just see about that, shall we?

Need A New Look?

These are sights that offer templates to use for your blog or website. I recommend these sites as the work is really well done but I should mention that some of them are hard to navigate.

Make sure that you look through the links on each of these sites!!! A lot of the designs aren't posted on only the front pages and if you dig around you can find some really good shit here.

Some of these are pay templates but most all of them has a free section.

Gecko And Fly

Grafx Gurl

Lemonade Designs

Chic and Sassy Designs

Templates by Caz

Isnaini Templates


Blog Makeover Diva

Blogs Gone Wild

Eris Free



Eye For Beauty

Raging Pistachio Designs

Weblog Designs

These two sites were found by cruising blogs and seeing links to them. Neither one of these sites offers templates, but they both offer up some pretty amazing looking graphics. Both of these graphic artists sell their designs but could very well work with you. The beauty of it? Everything is custom made for you!

Janna Graphics

Project 15
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